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We host multiple client social and networking events throughout the year. They provide our clients and partners an opportunity to get to know each other more personally in a social setting. We provide a first class experience where attendees are given every opportunity to interact with each other in a fun and laid back atmosphere. We discuss common interests, problems, opportunities, and often make lasting new friendships.

If you are a client, or interested in becoming a client, please view our events calendar below. Contact us at 714-349-9431 or by e-mail at: for more information on how you can join us. 



Announcements :


Paso Robles Client Event 2017:

Our 5th Annual “Taking Care of Your Financial Well Being” weekend seminar was held last weekend at the Hotel Cheval in Paso Robles, CA. We believe the event was successful based on the comments received by the attendees after each session of the event. It likely was our most successful weekend meeting to date. 
<div style="color: rgb(33, 33, 33); font-family: " segoe="" ui",="" "segoe="" wp",="" ui="" wpc",="" tahoma,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 15px;="" font-style:="" normal;="" font-variant-ligatures:="" font-variant-caps:="" font-weight:="" letter-spacing:="" orphans:="" 2;="" text-align:="" start;="" text-indent:="" 0px;="" text-transform:="" none;="" white-space:="" widows:="" word-spacing:="" -webkit-text-stroke-width:="" background-color:="" rgb(255,="" 255,="" 255);="" text-decoration-style:="" initial;="" text-decoration-color:="" margin:="" 0px;"="">The event started on Friday evening, October 27 with a wine reception in the Hotel's Wine Tasting Room, followed by another outstanding dinner at Il Cortile. This is our 5th year of having one of our two dinners at Il Cortile. Saturday morning consisted of a business meeting during which:
  • We updated our attendees on our firm's growth
  • Heard a presentation from John Hancock on common mistakes people make with their investment decisions, and had a live interview with Natixis on tax managed investing. We ended the morning with a presentation from a couple who are wine & cheese sommeliers. They showed us some interesting tasting combinations. Saturday afternoon was spent touring various vineyards on the Western side of Paso Robles: Opolo Vineyards, Denner Vineyards, Pasolive Olive Oil, and finally Gelfand (on the Eastern side). A gourmet meal at Bistro Laurent was a nice way to end Saturday.
On Sunday, our business meetings consisted of live interviews with:
  • Cedar Capital on roles alternatives have in today's portfolio
  • Goldman Sachs on “How Do We Get Yield” in today's low fixed interest rate environment
  • WisdomTree on “Managing Dividend Performance”
  • Frank Deptola & Brian Baldwin on “Helping Protect your Family: Getting Organized through the Wealth Harbor Vault”
  • And an open Q & A period with a panel consisting of the above companies and Delaware Funds”


Here are some photos from our event.



   Stewart Martin of Natixus giving a presentation                Sommelier presentation on Paso Robles, and Wine & Cheese pairings



   Library at Hotel Cheval                                                                  View from Upper Opolos Vineyard



   Pre-lunch tasting at Opolo Vineyard                                             Tasting at Denner Vineyard

   Spread of Oils at the Pasolivo Tasting                                          Len Gelfand telling stories at his Vineyard

   Gelfand Vineyard Tasting with Len Gelfand                               Neil Peplinski of Cedar Capital giving a presentation

   Drew Lapsley of Goldman Sachs presentation                    Panel with Tucker Grace, Chris Herb, Neil Peplinski, & Seamus Burke

   Brian Baldwin presenting on Wealth Harbor


Front Page Documentary Broadcast Schedule

We are excited and pleased to announce that our Front Page Documentary on Financial Empowerment is CURRENTLY airing! Our airings will occur during Peak (7:00am-11:45am) and Prime (6:00pm-11:45pm) time on the news networks including CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Network, TLC, DIscovery, as well to their public television affiliates.

We were humbled with the opportunity to participate in this documentary, and hope you all enjoy the series. If you miss these times, we also have our documentary readily available for watching in our Library tab.



Kassius Boswell joins our team as our newest LPL Investment Advisor Representative

Frank Deptola & Associates is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Kassius Boswell as an LPL Investment Adviser Representative. Prior to joining our team, Kassius was an Institutional Equity Sales Associate who later took on additional roles in Operations and Compliance. He graduated from The University of California, Santa Barbara in 2013. While there, he also played lacrosse. He was a varsity football and lacrosse athlete at Mission Viejo High School. He later spent time as their Head Junior Varsity Lacrosse Coach, as well as an assistant varsity coach. Kassius is currently under a comprehensive training program aimed at giving him an in-depth exposure to our culture, processes, and the products and services we provide. He will begin taking over client responsibilities in Souther California over the next several months.

Kassius is a Southern California native and an avid sports fan. He enjoys attending college football & LA Kings games. When he is not in the office you will find him at the beach, hiking or volunteering with Special Olympics and Military Veterans Associations.














Front Page National TV Broadcast

Late last year, Frank Deptola was selected to participate in Public Television's program, Front Page, as a content expert in an upcoming short-form standalone documentary series on Financial Empowerment. The Front Page film crew completed filming of the documentary in March, 2017. Editing of the documentary has recently been finished. The link below contains the final 6 minute documentary film on Frank Deptola & Associates made for this series. The Financial Empowerment series is aimed at providing objective education on personal finance to public television viewers across the nation. The host of FRONT PAGE is James Earl Jones. The following documentary film will be distributed to Public Television stations in all 50 states. Airing of the segment is for unlimited broadcast at each stations' discretion (estimated viewership and reach for one year is 60 million households). The format of the Public Television segment is non-commercial and strictly educational in nature.









Tessa Williams-Ferguson joins Frank Deptola & Associates, LLC.

Tessa Williams-Ferguson joined Frank Deptola & Associates in January, 2017 as the Social Media Administrator. She holds a Computer Science degree from Brandman University (Part of Chapman University) and plans on completing a graduate degree in this area. She is responsible for the creation, maintenance, updating and daily management of our website and social media networks. She manages and coordinates our digital presence, as well as our data analysis strategy. Tessa holds herself, and her work, to high standards of excellence. Her goals include continuously optimizing the “user friendliness” and development of our website and presence on social media such that they become a meaningful and continuous educational and informational platform for our clients.

Tessa is a Southern California native. She has grown up with a love of Disneyland, LA Dodgers, surfing, playing guitar and can be found spending her free time with her husband and raising her toddler son.







Participating in Public TV National Broadcast on Financial Empowerment

Frank Deptola has been selected to participate as a content expert in an upcoming public television short-form documentary series on Financial Empowerment. This FRONT PAGE series will be distributed to Public Television stations in all 50 states and is aimed at providing objective education on personal finance to public television viewers. The host of FRONT PAGE is James Earl Jones. Filming for the short-form (3-5 minutes) standalone documentary occured at Frank Deptola & Associates, LLC offices earlier this month. Airing of the segment is for unlimited broadcast at each stations' discretion (estimated viewership and reach for one year is 60 million households). The format of the Public Television segment is non-commercial and strictly educational in nature.








Five Star Wealth Manager Award 2017



Five Star Awards in conjunction with Orange Coast Magazine, has again selected Frank Deptola as a Five Star Award* winning Wealth Manager in Orange County for 2017. This is Frank's third consecutive year of being recognized as one of the top wealth managers in this affluent area of Southern California. Five Star also notified Frank that, due to tightening financial regulations, their selection process is much more stringent this year. As a result, only 195 advisers out of over 10,000 in Orange County, are receiving this recognition in 2017. By comparison, in 2016, they selected 315. The full list of Five Star Award winners will be listed in an upcoming edition of the Orange Coast Magazine.


Upon being notified of this recognition, Frank Deptola thanked his clients. “It is humbling to again be recognized for our efforts in serving our clients. Our focus and commitment is to building trusted adviser relationships with them. Our goal is to provide them with the highest quality, “best practice” guidance and advice, and always act in their best interests. We are glad to see the tightening regulations attempting to put this same high standard of excellence across our financial industry.”

*Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality services to clients such as credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of 2015, 2016 & 2017 Five Star Wealth Managers.









Upcoming Special Events:


Our Annual Client Appreciation Event! 'Taking Care of your Financial Well-Being!'                                                                                         Paso Robles, CA...  October 2017.

Our annual Paso Robles event is a client favorite. It is a weekend filled with fine dining, wine tasting, vienyard tours, as well as educational seminars on proactive steps to take to get a better understanding of our financial well being and how to maintain healthy habits! We are in the process of completing all plans for our weekend and are excited to share the events we have planned. We will be announcing more information shortly as we solidify reservations.













Most Recent Special Event:

Our 4th Annual Frank Deptola & Associates "Taking Care of Your Financial Well Being" seminar weekend was held on October 21st-23rd, 2015 in Paso Robles, CA. By all accounts it was a tremendous success!

The weekend was an excellent learning opportunity in a relaxed and enjoyable cultural environment. This year's event featured timely, non-selling presentations from representatives of some of the leading financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Wisdom Tree, Fidelity Charitable, Active Investment Advisors/Natixis, Allianz, Franklin Square, Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, AmeriEstate, etc.* There were numerous topics covered, and in addition we had a panel discussion with representatives of these companies where attendees had a first-hand opportunity to ask the panel direct questions concerning personal financial issues.

Friday night included an amazing group dinner at Il Cortile restaurant where Frank honored the owner Carole MacDonal with a solid crystal trophy representing our first annual Frank Deptola & Associates "Excellence in Dining Award." The award recognizes excellence in the overall dining experience: quality of food, presentation, service, and overall hospitality. Travelers to Paso Robles, CA should take advantage of the opportunity to experience Il Cotrile restaurant first hand.









On Saturday all attendees participated in a tour of four noted wineries in the beautiful Paso Robles wine country. To date we have attended and had wonderful experiences at all of the following:

Eos Estate Winery -

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines - 

Olivas de Oro -  

Gelfand Vineyards -

San Antonio Winery - tasting-winery-gift-shop/

Eberle Winery:

Broken Earth Winery:

Halter Ranch Vineyard:

Pasolivo Olive Oil:












Past Special Events:

Paso Robles 2014 & 2015, we hosted our annual financial seminar and wine tasting event in Paso Robles, CA - “Taking Care of Your Financial Well-being.” They were a terrific weekend of socializing and fun, as well as providing each person some objective “food for thought” on different issues involved with securing their financial future. A nice combination of informative and educational financial workshops, balanced with fun. The latter included an organized networking tour of select Western Paso Robles vineyards using The Wine Wrangler bus tour service. Excellent dinners for Friday and Saturday evenings were held at Il Cortile and La Cosecha restaurants. These are two of the most highly rated restaurants in the area.

In December 2012 some 45 people joined Frank Deptola & Associates in downtown Laguna Beach, CA. The evening started with wine and cheese being served to our guests as they wandered through private tours of three Laguna Beach art galleries:

The art gallery tours were followed by a full course Mediterranean style dinner at GG's Italian-Mediterranean Bistro. Immediately before dinner, Frank Deptola gave the first presentation of our new website: One of our guests, Joan Cash, in honor of the occasion, gave a presentation on the extensive paintings of her deceased husband. She voluntarily raffled a first edition print of one of the paintings to one of our guests.

These have included wine tasting, bar-b-ques at Frank's home, dinners, dinner/theater presentations, etc.


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